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There are three levels of scholarships provided by the Titans of Dance at each event for all ages.  The scholarships are noted below.  Scholarship recipients should not be considered as the faculty's choice for the best dancers in class.  They are simply the dancers who attracted the attention of our Faculty members through their effort as we do not host auditions


The instructors identify dancers in each of their classes that stand out in technique, attitude, effort, performance and overall presentation.  Please understand that a dancer being called out in class by an instructor does not mean they have won a scholarship.      

Indeed, there is no single audition class. The entire day is your canvas to perform. Every instructor chooses dancers who stand out in their respective classes and the selections are accumulated at the conclusion of the day. Diversity is truly recognized and awarded by our faculty. The scholarships are personally delivered by our instructors at the awards assembly at the end of the day. 

Please note that in order to be awarded FORCE, the highest level of Scholarship, you have to be specifically identified by a minimum of 3 faculty members as FORCE - meaning they feel you could assist their class.  Being called out or recognized by a faculty member during class does not mean you have been identified as FORCE by that faculty member.

Scholarship and Awards Program


  1. The amount of scholarships awarded may vary per city in each age division. 

  2. Scholarships must be redeemed within one (1) year of issue or at the same event city the following year if it falls later than one year from the previous event.

  3. Once you are recognized as a Titan Force member in one regional city, you are not eligible for scholarships in any other cities for one full year. Recipients of the Armor and Shield scholarships may continue to audition in other cities.

  4. Scholarships are non-transferable. You may not transfer your scholarship to a friend or family member. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

  5. All ages noted on class divisions are a suggested age recommendation. It is up to the discretion of the teacher who knows the capabilities of each individual student to determine the proper placement. While dancers may participate in any room, if a dancer elects to moves down an age category, they are only eligible for scholarships if they are within one year of the age category for the room. For instance, a 14 year old who elects to dance in a 10-12 age room will not be eligible for scholarship. Dancers who choose to move an age level up will be eligible for scholarships. Please note that rooms and average ages may be adjusted and/or combined based on registration. At all events, convention levels are subject to change based on the registration.



The Shield of Excellence Award provides dancers the ability to attend a Titan event at a 50% reduced rate within one full year of the event.


Copy of Copy of TITANS 2020-2021 SEASON

The exclusive Titan Force is an elite group of dancers who are specifically recognized and identified as "FORCE" by the instructors at each event. These dancers must be identified by a minimum of 3 instructors at an event AS FORCE. They will assist our faculty on stage AT EVENTs and identified on our website. These dancers also receive free convention fees for one year from the event to take classes even if they are not assisting on stage.


The Armor of Education

The Armor of Education Award is presented from each instructor to one dancer. All recipients are able to attend all Titans events that year and the next year at a 50% reduced rate.

Titans Force Members

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